Manuel Llorca Jaña

PhD Economic History, Leicester University, UK.


Lineas de investigación
Economic History
Economic Development
Business History


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Principal Researcher. Fondecyt Regular. “The impact of the expansion of aqueduct and sewerage infrastructure in Chile’s living standards, c.1900s-2020”. US$230.000. Project number 1210144.

Principal Researcher. Anillos-Conicyt. “Well-being and inequality in Chile after independence, c.1810-2020”. US$530.000 Project number SOC180001.

Principal Researcher. Fondecyt Regular. “Anthropometric history of Chile, c.1730-2000”. US$170,000. Project number 1180005.Principal Researcher. Fondecyt Regular. “Economic performance of Chile after independence, 1810-1860”. US$116,000. Project number 1150161.

Principal Researcher. Conicyt’s INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING BETWEEN RESEARCH CENTRES’s grant: ‘Business history in Chile and Latin America’. A collaborative project with Geoffrey Jones and the Harvard Business School of Harvard University, US$22.000. Project number 140023.

Principal Researcher. Research Grant, ‘Economic consequences of independence in Chile, c.1810-1840’ (US$16,000), No. 031462LLJ. Funded by University of Santiago, Dicyt projects.

Principal Researcher. Research and Teaching Grant, ‘Economic history of Chilean independence, c.1830-1840’ (US$96,000). Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. Funded by Conicyt, Chile. Declined after moving to University of Santiago.

Co-Researcher. Research Grant, ‘Slavery in Santiago de Chile, 1776-1823’, Funded by Fondecyt, Chile (US$152,000). I was the sole co-investigator of this grant, whose principal investigator is Dr Celia Cussen (University of Chile).

Principal Researcher. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, ‘Huth & Co. global networks, c. 1809-1850’, Funded by Fondecyt, Chile (US$58,000).

Principal Researcher. Short-Term Research Grant, ‘Wylie & Hancock operations in South America, c.1807-1819’, Funded by International Seminar on the History of the Atlantic World, Harvard University, USA (US$2,000).